Suvi Koponen travels to space for Alexander McQueen
Posted by on July 9, 2012 | 2:15 pm EST

There is perhaps no other photographer besides David Sims who is able to bring the Alexander McQueen aesthetics to life with still images, which could well be the reason why the brand brought him back to shoot their Fall 2012 campaign. For this season’s advertising images, Sims firmly clutched onto the famed label’s nonconforming design philosophy and fully embraced the futuristic theme of their collection.

For the studio-based campaign, Finnish model Suvi Koponen was ushered into a geometrically-inclined future as she stood in front of large cubic, angular and architectural blocks in sorbet colors of pink, purple and peach. Koponen’s gestures evoke a feeling that she’s a space nomad sent from another galaxy to embark on an expedition of the unknown.

The campaign bannered some of the most stunning pieces from the collection, which included a heavily ruffled fuchsia-and-red dress and a cocoon-like coat. To match the high-fashion creative, Koponen wore a slick platinum blonde hairstyle that appeared as solid as the blocky terrain she was standing on. Her eyebrows were also bleached to match her hair, transforming her into one of the most arresting extraterrestrials we’ve seen this season.

Feminine, strong and provocative, Alexander McQueen delivers another resounding campaign that will surely set this season’s campaign trail ablaze. The sci-fi campaign successfully maneuvered away from the ubiquitous glamour and overdone fantasies of other campaigns we’ve seen so far, churning out another visual adventure that’s almost always expected from Alexander McQueen.

Photos from Alexander McQueen

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