The Questionable Appeal of Tiered Dresses
Posted by on September 3, 2012 | 3:20 pm EST

The second we saw Rachel Weisz dressed in a winter white Nina Ricci creation, our mouths went off like a row of ticking f-bombs that just won’t die no matter how much we hose it down with water. Yes, sometimes bad taste and unfortunate choice do that to us. Obviously, we’re not a big fan of tiered dresses and their near-perfect precision in making its wearer look like pregnant women in disguise.

Red carpet events have always been pestered by these catastrophic dresses, with their respective wearers receiving a series of shaming style scolding that the whole world is guaranteed to remember forever. We wonder however, why women continue to fall trap to these multi-layered frocks that give their bodies no favor.

Take Amanda Peet’s frock at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this year. She stepped out in an asymmetrical Marc Jacobs creation that had four-tiers of dated and bulbous frilliness. Others called it a breathtaking piece of sartorial art that upheld bohemian chicness at its finest, but for us, it was a shudder-inducing curtain of a dress.

Digging through the often stellar, sometimes disappointing archives of red carpet pasts however, we actually found two celebrities—other than Florence Welch—who managed to pull off the unforgiving dowdiness this dress all-too-often affords.

Small screen stars Kaley Cuoco and Jayma Mays may not have the same red carpet experience as Weisz and Peet, but in a battle of which pair wore the better-looking tiered dresses, the women of the small screen win by a mile. While tiered dresses will have a hard time winning us over, we love the how tiers on Cuoco and Mays’ frocks aren’t eating them alive. As a matter of fact, the voluminous details actually complement their slender frames.

In contrast to the extra weight Weisz and Peet gained by simply wearing tiers, Mays’ Zuhair Murad dress only carried the detail from the waist down. With the tier-free bust, the slender Mays was saved from looking like she was swallowed whole by a really pretty princess gown. Meanwhile, Cuoco’s Rebecca Taylor may have drawn the annoyance of some fashion fans, but we at Fashion Glamour actually found the soft cascading tiers really beautiful. We’re giving those two props for finding tiered dresses that actually worked for them.

Now that we’ve given it much thought, Weisz’ Nina Ricci dress could have been saved if it wasn’t for the top tier—an overkill, we must admit. As for Peet’s frock, well, that one simply has no saving grace at all. Well, except for the fact that it is Marc Jacobs.

Do you agree with us? Or are you a fan of tiered dresses?

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