Tyler Shields answers back, ‘will give one family in need $100,000 cash, tax-free’
Posted by on May 31, 2012 | 2:21 pm EST

Tyler Shields' Birkin photo shoot

Tyler Shields must know by now that receiving death threats isn’t as fun as it was massacring a harmless piece of Birkin bag, which apparently, he bought himself using his own money. The photographer, known for snapping up one controversy after another, has been under fire for his most recent work that portrayed his girlfriend Francesca Eastwood as one savagely beautiful bag murderer.

Although the two have been relatively mum about the issue, Shields’ interview with Artinfo.com shed light on the provocative photo shoot, which he assured was not a publicity stunt. On why he chose one of the rarest handbags, “I didn’t do it because I hated it. I did it because it was such an amazing piece. I didn’t destroy it because I was like, “Oh this thing is a piece of shit.” I did it because I liked it. I wanted to immortalize it,” said Shields.

Responding to critics that what he had done was sheer insensitivity to those who are struggling financially, he responded by saying that “it takes money to make art.” He also said that if people were upset because of the money he spent for the photo shoot, “then they should be upset about every single photo shoot that takes place ever.” He made a relatively valid point when he said, “What if I bought a $100,000 car and I crashed it? I’m not taking anything away from anybody else.”

Through the interview, Shields revealed that similar to the people who have been sending him hate mails over his financial insensitivity, he was in the same crisis a few years ago. Asked on how we plans to make up it for his many critics, Shields pledged that he’ll $100,000 in cash to one family—if somebody buys one of the controversial photos. Although this was something he came up with during the interview, he was quick to elaborate that he will choose a family that is going through financial hurdles because of a death in the family—the same thing that happened to him when he was 15. “I think that if somebody had done that for us when that happened to me, it would have been like a miracle. So, I’ll find somebody who that just happened to and I will help them out.”

An apology would probably be the last thing we can expect from Shields as he admits there are already a few things on his mind that he would “love to destroy.” On that note, we just have to ask, what else is there to murder after slaughtering one of the world’s most expensive bags?

Image from Tyler Shields
With reports from Art Info

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