Victoria Beckham is taking “baby steps” towards growing her brand
Posted by on May 20, 2012 | 10:30 am EST

Victoria Beckham at the 2011 British Fashion Awards

Victoria Beckham has indeed come a long way since her platform-wearing days as 1/5 of the all-girl group Spice Girls. The Beckham we have come to love today is one that lives in a sea of minimalist shades, sky-high stilettos and impeccable eyewear. She may be a mother to four gorgeous kids, but Beckham hasn’t lost her way around the intricate puzzle that is fashion.

Now a full-fledged designer, with awards under her belt, Beckham has become one of the industry’s most sought-after purveyors of style with her penchant for absolute refinement and strength, while showing a woman’s shape with figure-hugging cuts and silhouettes.

Although Beckham is enjoying massive success in England and the US at the moment, she told CNN that she is also setting her eyes on other territories as she looks to future expansions of her Victoria Beckham brand. “What I do really is not just focus on US or England. I mean, there are lots of territories that are really big for me and Asia’s very exciting.” As Beckham already enjoys retail and critical success, she also revealed her plans to tap the e-commerce business and open a brick and mortar store—in London, most likely.

While Beckham has yet to iron out the details, the idea of her very own store has us excited. Then again, we can’t be too excited just yet as Beckham is not in a hurry to set up shop in whichever city her heart desires. “I just want to take baby steps, build this business at a steady pace. I don’t want to rush. I don’t want to run before I can walk.”

Image from Victoria Beckham

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