Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker teaming up on a fashion line?
Posted by on June 27, 2012 | 2:00 pm EST


Media outlets are abuzz with excitement over yet-to-be-confirmed news that Victoria Beckham has teamed up with Sarah Jessica Parker to create a women’s clothing line. The rumored line will reportedly be geared towards women of all ages.

Many have expressed their excitement over this possibility citing that the difference between the two in terms of style and taste could yield an excitingly diverse collection. Beckham, known for highlighting the strength of simplicity in silhouettes through curve-hugging dresses is poles apart from Parker’s more experimental personal style. As such, many are looking forward to the kaleidoscope of pieces that could potentially make up their joint collection.

Although a number are pleased about the news, others are a bit more apprehensive, dissecting this as nothing but a rumor for a number of reasons. For one, Parker lives in New York while Beckham is based in Los Angeles, making the idea of a sit-down creative meeting difficult to schedule.

Further, Beckham has successfully reinvented herself from a pop star into a full-fledged fashion icon and designer. Many are also under the impression that there’s no need for Beckham to prove anything anymore to the fashion industry since she has already attained success all on her own. In her own right, Parker has made relative waves as well. She briefly held the creative director position at Halston Heritage before the brand was sold.

While both camps have neither confirmed nor denied the hype, Fashion Glamour will remain on neutral territory on this one until we get affirmation that this is really happening.

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