Vittorio Missoni believed to be kidnapped
Posted by on January 7, 2013 | 9:32 pm EST

Vittorio Missoni

Days have already passed, but authorities still haven’t discovered the missing aircraft carrying Vittorio Missoni, his wife, two Italian friends, and two Venezuelan crew members. There was however, a new update that could change the investigators’ view of the tragedy.

It has been reported that the son of Guido Foresti–one of the passengers on the missing plane—received a text message saying, “Call now, we are reachable.” Telecom Italia Mobile confirmed that this message was sent late Sunday night. Contrary to the text, Foresti’s cell phone has been—and remains—unreachable. This has led to speculation that the fashion mogul, together with his wife, friends, and crew, had been kidnapped.

Such development sparked hope in the Missoni family. “It’s better to be kidnapped than at the bottom of the sea,” said Angela Missoni.

Although they tried to contact Foresti’s cell phone, it was—and still remains—unreachable, such development sparked hope in the Missoni family. “It’s better to be kidnapped than at the bottom of the sea,” said Angela Missoni.

Meanwhile, The Cut reported that pilot Enrique Rada saw the BN-2 Islander plane as “they were swallowed by a huge cumulus cloud,” which he described as a lightning bolt.

While authorities continue to search for the missing plane that went off the radar along the coast of Venezuela last January 4, the Missoni family remains hopeful that they will be located very soon.

“I am in direct touch with the Italian Foreign Ministry and now in Rome to meet people and the Police of State to report the disappearance of my brother, while coordinating all the information and offers of aid we’ve had received [sic] from all over the world,” read a statement from Angela Missoni, sister of the missing CEO.

She also mentioned that their brother Luca together with CEO Alberto Piantoni, had jetted off to Venezuela to get involved in the search operations conducted by the authorities. “At this time, we have no further specifics regarding these efforts except to say we are confident they will continue at the same pace, and that the search will explore all possible avenues,” she added.

Fashion Glamour will keep you posted regarding this Missoni mystery. We, too, are hoping that Missoni, his wife, two friends, and the Venezuelan crew members are found soon enough.

[Photo Credit: Mirror]

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