What’s next for Bill Gayten?
Posted by on April 17, 2012 | 4:52 pm EST


A lot has been said about Raf Simons entry into the Dior house, which mostly consisted of excited fashion watchers eager to witness the dawn of a new Christian Dior or perhaps a revival of the couture house’s timeless elegance. It’s almost a gross disrespect however, that amid the hullabaloo that surrounded Raf Simons, whatever will happen next to Bill Gayten was never raised.

The former right-hand man of John Galliano took on the gargantuan responsibility of maintaining the Dior image that Galliano created. However, his six-collection efforts were almost always warmly received. Many blamed his inability to meet the level of showmanship that Galliano put on in every show. While fashion critics were quick to see the flaws in Gayten’s design aesthetic, Dior executives attested that Gayten-designed pieces performed well on the retail level.

Now that someone has officially replaced Galliano’s spot at Dior, it remains a mystery as to what Gayten’s next move will be. For all we know, he could launch his own label where he can finally design clothes according to his own taste and style—without the pressure of having to live up to an image that was carved before him. We doubt he’ll stay with Dior because let’s be honest, nobody wants to be a right-hand man forever.

Image from Moda Spot

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