Yay or Nay: Balenciaga Blade Boots
Posted by on April 22, 2012 | 2:01 pm EST

Femininity and modernity have always been the trademark qualities that make up any Balenciaga piece and that is something they have been upholding season after season. While Fashion Glamour keeps an open mind when it comes to new trends and visions, we can’t say we’re flinging our arms wide to embrace Balenciaga’s ultra-modern Blade Boots.

A seasonal piece from the Balenciaga maison, the Palladium-finished Blade Boots come in two variations—high and low. Although we love the sleek shape of the high boot and the open-toe detail of the low boot, we’re severely distracted by the hourglass heel. With such a narrow center, we can’t help but anticipate that the heel will snap on the first stride. While we adore the futuristic aspirations of these Blade Boots, perhaps Balenciaga should have chosen a more structured heel to complement the jet-black calfskin.

For the women who find the unconventional heel alluring, the two boots are available for purchase on Balenciaga’s website. The high boots retail for $1,575 and the low boots for $1,995.

Images from Balenciaga

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