Yay or Nay: Christian Louboutin’s Marquise spiked clutch
Posted by on July 24, 2012 | 2:10 pm EST

Christian Louboutin Marquise spiked leather clutch

Christian Louboutin’s passion for studs, spikes and other pointy things shows no sign of abating as he continues to roll out some of the most dangerous shoes and bags in fashion. Without a fleck of doubt, a blink or a pause, we at Fashion Glamour admire Louboutin’s killer—pun intended—instinct as we fall questionably in awe with yet another spiked creation from the designer.

The Marquise spiked leather clutch is one that stopped us dead in our online browsing tracks for its chic blush finish and straightforward shape. While at first it looked really delicate and feminine, the uneven spears decorating the sides of this compact clutch had us questioning its stylishness. It may work as a statement piece, but we’re on the fence if attaching those spikes—and that ungodly long one in the middle—actually rendered it impractical.

Many have questioned Louboutin’s design aesthetics for it seems like he has a thing for creating things that can maim and mar, which frankly, is often the case. However, we’re letting this clutch bag slip by a millimeter for its odd merger of simplicity and drama. Nevertheless, we’ll keep watch of the danger this bag possess and remember not to stab a friend or pierce a bystander’s vein. The Marquise leather spiked clutch is available on Net-a-Porter for $1,295.

Photo from Net-a-Porter

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