Yay or Nay: Giuseppe Zanotti’s heel-less crystal studded sandals
Posted by on April 26, 2012 | 1:27 pm EST

Giuseppe Zanotti’s heel-less crystal studded sandals

It’s ironic—a pair of heels without heels—but then again we are in an industry where the obscure, the absurd and the beautiful all converge in one stylish pot of mink coats and silk shirts. The man behind this pair of gravity-defying shoes is none other than Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti. This year, the heel-less design returns with a vengeance as a flurry of designers—one of them being Alexander McQueen—added fuel to this questionable fire, prompting the Fashion Glamour team to step in for closer scrutiny.

The heel-less pairs we often see are decidedly modern, usually sticking to minimalist or metallic colors. These Giuseppe Zanotti sandals however, are a slight contradiction to the cutting-edge silhouette of heel-less shoes. Extremely modern in shape but overtly cheeky in embellishments, this pair is a colorful mess seemingly stuck between two trends. Although we’ve seen the likes of Lucy Hale and Victoria Justice walking around in the same shoes last year, only it was metallic and embellishment-free, we still can’t figure out how one is able to stand and walk steadily in these. For the Fashion Glamour team, we reckon it’s a teetering tread that sends onlookers clutching onto the nearest tree or lamp post to steady their frazzled nerves.

The designer may have wanted women to look like they’re walking 6 ¼ inches above the ground, which we think is a captivating sight to behold, but we don’t think it works in real life. Women with a penchant for the classics will most likely shun this ultra-modern deviation, but those who find joy in the occasional dangers of fashion will revel. Truthfully, we would probably be more forgiving of these sandals, priced at $2,140, had they pulled back on all that random crystal trimmings.

Images from Bergdorf Goodman

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